Parish Center Rental

Max Capacity: 350

Cost of Rental: $2,500 (4 hour guest time)

Parishioner Discount: Please contact for quote. Must be registered Parishioner 1 year prior.

Damage Deposit: $250 (Returned after event) 50% of rental and Damage Deposit required at time contact is signed.

Events for 21 years or younger, Damage Deposit is $500.

Each additional hour: $250

Hall rental cost includes set-up, break down and clean-up. Church representative on duty during Reception.

Parish Center Rules/Requirements:

  • Rules must be read and signed
  • Contract must be read and signed
  • 50% of contract fees must be paid at the time of reservation
  • Damage deposit must be paid at time of reservation (check will be cashed)
  • Police officers must be paid 30 days prior to event (security fees not included in reservation fees)
  • 2 Officers needed for 200 guests up to 300 ($40 an hour)
  • Balance on hall is due 30 days prior to the event
  • A cancellation fee must be paid if cancelled 12 weeks prior. Inside of 12 weeks, no refund will be given
  • A caterer must be licensed and able to provide Certificate of Insurance
  • Bartenders must be paid at close of event
  • Absolutely no red drinks of any kind
  • No concessions
  • No fog machines, rice, bubbles, birdseed or confetti allowed
  • Children must be supervised at all times, children under the age of 12 will not be allowed outside unless accompanied by an adult.

Birthday/receptions (under 21 years)

  • Beer and wine permissible, no hard liquor.
  • 2 officers needed for 200+ guests, 3 officers 300+ ($40 an hour)
  • Damage deposit for reception: $500.00
  • All drinks must be served by St. Luke bartenders with exception of drink with meal.
  • Only bartenders allowed in bar
  • No cans or bottles allowed on tables, all drinks will be poured by St. Luke bartenders.

Bar Rules

  • Client must furnish all alcohol
  • Client must use St. Luke bartenders
  • Age ID will be required at discretion of bartender
  • Tipping is allowed
  • All drinks will be served in glassware or plastic cups
  • No BYOB
  • No one allowed in Bar area except bartenders
  • No red drinks of any kind allowed (wine, sodas)
  • Bartender fees $20 per hour, all receptions require 2 bartenders

Security Officers - $40 Hour

  • St. Luke Catholic Church will require a minimum of 2 officers per event. Any function with 300+ guests will require 3 officers. 
  • Off duty Bexar County Deputy Constables, Sheriff Deputies and/or San Antonio Police Officers will provide security for your event. 
  • Security must be paid by cash or money order 30 days prior to event.